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SEO JARGONS : 0 to 9

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SEO Jargons: 0 to 9

If you’re a newbie to digital marketing, let me present you to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which serves as STARTERS of Digital Marketing. As SEO keeps on changing and updating, and it's hard to keep up with the lingo! Use our jargon buster to help you understand SEO in-depth!

200 OK - The file request was a success.

Suppose a page/ image found and appropriately loaded in a browser. Some sick, developed content management systems return 200 status codes alike when a file does not exist. The proper return for the file not found is a 404.



301 Moved Permanently - The file moved permanently to a new location

The best-preferred procedure of redirecting for most web pages. If you will move an entire site to a new position, you might run a file/ folder first, and then if that ranks well, continue with affecting the entire site. It might take anywhere from a few days to a month depending on your site authority and crawl frequency.



302 Found- Requested URL has altered with another URL

As it relates to SEO, it is usually best to dodge using 302 redirects. Some search engines strive with redirect handling. Because of a poor altering of 302 redirects, some search engines have acknowledged competing businesses to steal the listings of competitors.

 404 Not Found - The server could not find the URL


Some content management systems send 404 status codes when documents exist. Ensure files that exist to give a 200 status code, and requests for records that do not exist give a 404 status code. You may also want to audit with your host to see if you can arrange a custom 404 error page which makes it effortless for site visitors to.


1. View your most famous and most relevant navigational options

2. Report navigational problems within your site


Search engines demand robots.txt file to detect what portions of your site they allow to crawl. Many browsers require a favicon.ico file when loading your site. While neither of these files is necessary, generating them will help keep your log files clean so you can target on whatever other errors your site might have.

An Introduction To SEO and Its History!

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We are starting with Explainer videos that will help to learn in-depth about different ingredients used to make Digital Marketing. In this video, you will learn how did the SEO evolve with time. Did you know the first search engine? Watch the full video to learn a brief history of SEO.

8 FREEBIES for Freelancers in 2020

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8 Hacks For Freelancers in 2020

The freelance market is becoming one of the most saturated markets at this moment. Many individuals need the adaptability that comes with working at home, which means that more and more of us are trying to make it at the moment.

Standing out in this very noisy freelancer marketplace can be very challenging. The most important question is how to keep updated with the latest trend as a freelancer so you can get the best clients and be able to charge what you're worth.

So, here are quick 8 hacks that can help to stand out among others in the marketplace. 


If you are a freelancer and would like to start with Facebook Ad Campaigns, then get the secret of winning the Facebook Ads for your business. This ebook consists of peppy ideas to improve visibility and reach of your Facebook Ads with 250+ examples. 


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Get mastered with this secret Lead nurture email ebook and turn your subscribers into customers. Unlock the access to this high-converting lead nurture copywriting training now. 


Set and test your website and track conversions weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly in your workbook. Grab your website goal setting workbook today.


Do you plan to start your own business? Get this free training on how to bring your business into conversion without coding. Unlock this secret ingredient now.


Save time and stress less by effectively making and managing content briefs when you unlock these professional templates for email marketing, blog articles, and press releases. 


Better be late than Never. If you still looking for a specific 2020 calendar, then grab this tailor-made calendar that will keep up with your content.

7 Ways to Improve Your Google Ad Template!

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Google Ad Headlines

Like many people, you would probably be aware of Google Ads headlines.


Just 30 characters required, but it’s the most difficult 30 characters you’ll ever draft.


It is necessary to know what matters, which is why it can be remarkably difficult to come up with a powerful headline.


The good news is that after you’ve had some practice with writing them, they can be quite easy. It’s literally just identifying what types of headlines work best, and then securing your product or service into it.


Let's gear up by writing some strong headlines for Google ads.



#1: The Question

Example: “Looking for ________?”

It is always great to draw someone's attention with questions that they are looking for on Google. Many individuals feel satisfied when you trigger them with a question related to what they are searching for.


#2: Numbers

Example: “________ Ways to ________”

Place a number in the first section. It should be a remarkable one that will attract most people. The second section should be what your product or service commits. For example, if you sell a product that reduces people's stress, your headline possibly “6 Ways to Reduce Stress.”


#3: Location

Example: “__________ in __________” or “_________ _________”

This covers "WHAT ARE YOU?" and "WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?". Place your professional title followed by a location in the first part such as "Lawyer in Toronto." The second part sets the location followed by a professional title, therefore "Toronto Lawyer".


Though look simple to work, that’s the plot. Google Ads headlines demand to be easy. You have a blink of an eye to snatch the attention of online searchers, and showing them you are what they are seeking is the best way to do it.


#4: Buzzwords

Example: “Get __________ w/ Free Shipping”

Well, this one is quite focused on product-based companies. The buzzwords are get, shipping, and free. These words, along with your, save, online, and you seem to lead to more clicks.

#5: Offer

Example: “Save 20% On Our ________”

Many people love a great deal, particularly those willing to make a purchase. An offer headline catches people’s attention because as they state, “Money talks.”

#6: Leverage FOMO: Use the Countdown Timer

Example: “Winter Boots Sale – Flat 25% Off, Only 2 hours left”

FOMO—fear of missing out—may have only begun the marketing dictionary in 2013, but the trick is much more traditional.


Paid search marketers can draw into FOMO by creating a sense of urgency or scarcity, usually through limited-time offers or showcasing peer-group buyers.


The Google Ads countdown timer really counts down the days or hours until the end of a special offer. This way your ad has a better chance of knocking out your contenders’. A countdown builds an immediate threat of loss, drawing into psychological beliefs to boost clicks.


#7: Mix and Match

This one is more of art instead of just filling in the blanks. Depending on what your main keyword is, you will have between 20 characters and 5 characters to use once you have entered your main keyword.


Certainly, if you only have 5 characters left, your choices will be limited. The following list is to get your creative thoughts rolling and come up with the best achievable headlines:

Mix & Match Keywords


Effective headlines are ones that get your target audience clicking through to your landing page. You never know which ones will be the most dominant till you make then live. It is better to do some A/B testing to detect which ones give the best results. Once you know which one gets the most clicks, you’ll be ready to modify those a little to see if it enhances click-through rates even further.

5 Best Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

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Email Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

What is one of the most useful tools for strengthening your relationship with prospects and customers so that you increase retention, repeat sales, and referrals?

Duh! You do not have to get surprised as most of them will be aware of email marketing.

To clarify, I am talking about email marketing to your own "house" list of prospects, not to a list you rent or buy.

When you use email marketing effectively to build rapport with your target audience, then three things will naturally happen:

Your sales team will spend less time selling because your prospects will be pre-sold on doing business with you which will reduce sales cycles and fewer costs per sale, which leads to more profit.

You can create leads and sales on demand. In other words, you will be in complete control to schedule and email promotions to any segment of your list, whenever you want. If you did not just have an "ah ha" moment, then read that sentence again.Email marketing is the only tactic that puts you in the driver seat to create leads and sales whenever you want.

You will build a "wall" around your customers to protect them from poachers. Every day your competitors are actively trying to poach your clients. If you are not investing in strengthening your customer relationships, then someday your competitors will swipe them. Repeatedly, email marketing is one of the best tools handy for building a healthy relationship to fend off your pesky competitors.

Of course, there is one little catch.

You Need a List of Email Addresses

I am going to infer you already have a list of prospects and customers. If you have been in business for any amount of time, then you do obtain a list.

Your listing might be in your head or on paper or concealed in an Excel file on an old, dusty desktop. Regardless, I am sure you have a list, and it is just a matter of pursuing it down.

For more notions for how you can build and grow your email list, read the three ways to make your list.

Let's focus on the five types of email promotions every small business can use.

1. The Warm Up

The first primary email campaign is for all the businesses out there that have a list of connections they haven 't emailed in a long time.

The Warm Up as you can probably guess gear towards warming up your "cold" list.

It is mandatory to do before you try to use one of the campaigns below unless you have continually stayed in touch with your list.

The goal of the Warm Up campaign is to reintroduce your business, provide context as to why you are reaching out, and explain how you will be following up with even more valuable emails in the future.

What should you send in your email?

A good ploy to use when running a Warm Up campaign is to break a survey to achieve feedback from your audience. Remember, the goal is to re-engage your audience, so you are not going to attempt to sell anything.

When done correctly, the Warm Up campaign will get your list handy and look ahead to your next email where you can kickoff to incorporate more sales tactics.

2. The Tee Up

A Tee Up campaign aims to "tee up" leads for your sales team.

At any given period there are leads on your email list who are ready to buy, and it is your job as a marketer to make it as easy as possible for them to raise their hand.

The Tee Up campaign does not directly ask for the sale. Instead, the email is positioned to help anyone who is in need for your product or service. The most basic example is to email out the question directly, "Are you still noticing for aid with your product or service?"

Anyone who retorts "Yes" is now a reengaged lead in your sales pipeline.

3. The Flash Sale

Just about everybody is familiar with the Flash Sale campaign because it is by far the most popular (and often overused). Anytime you get an email touting a limited-time sale; then you are involving a Flash Sale.

The grace of the Flash Sale is that you can generate sales on demand with the click of a button. Just type up the terms of your deal, select the segment of your list you need to email, click send, and relax as the orders come in*. :)

Again, I can 't emphasize enough the concern of your relationship with your contacts and customers. If you do not first create your link, then none of these campaigns will work for you.

4. The Referral

Every contact on your email list requires additional products and services that your business does not supply.

For example, Prospects on a broker's email list probably also need help finding a reputable moving company and an attorney. Although a real estate agent does not cater those services, he can bid those services to his email subscribers by forming a partnership with local businesses.

Once you establish your connections, then you can run a referral campaign to achieve leads and sales for your partner. It is going to be a win-win-win situation because you are aiding your contacts in getting what they need, your partners get a brand-new marketing channel, and counting on your partnership, you could derive commissions or reciprocal promotions where your partners bolster your business.

5. The Launch

The last type of campaign is the brand-new product or service launch.

With this campaign, you are creating up excitement and anticipation for your brand-new product or service to boost sales on the launch date.

Study the marketing campaigns for the massive Hollywood movie releases and new iPhone starts to see this in action. Before the launch day, data is sent via email /TV commercials in waves to build up the value, explain all the advantages, and lay out the details for exactly how and when to buy.

The final result is often a "feeding frenzy" the day you open the doors to take orders.

Free Search Engine Submission Sites to Increase Traffic

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Search Engine Submission

There are two terms to understand which are essential for Web search before I contribute a search engine submission list.

1. Crawling: 

Search engines use search engine spider to crawl the web. Crawling is a method to stretch to every possible page in the site to bring about visibility in search results. Typically search engine crawls one page then crawl all the linked pages from there. So it is recommended to have updated sitemap of your website.

2. Indexing: 

Once search engine spider crawls the web pages, it contains in its database and index it according to keywords. Let’s say assume you have written an article about “How to make pen drive bootable,” so when google crawls your web page, it indexes it and stores it for keywords like “how to make pen drive bootable,” “bootable pen drive.” 

Usually, search engines crawl and index your site naturally at the interval of specific days. If there is no proper exploration provided, then there is no way for search engines to reach to all of your site’s content.

So it is better to comply your content to search engine submission list to build that it can crawl and index accurately and quickly. Likewise many search engines firms charge many dollars fee for search engine submission which you can do manually using free search engine submission list.

Here is the list of search engine submission sites.

1. Google :-

2. Bing :-

3. Baidu :-

4. Yandex :-

5. Sogou :-

6. Exalead:-

7. InfoTiger :-

8. Gigs Blast :-

9. Official :-

10. ActiveSearchResults :-

11. Anoox :-

12. Amfibi:-

13. Beamed:-

14. Wotbox:-

15. Voila :-

16. UserTown :-

Below search engine, submission sites will aid you to submit your site to multiple search engines using the single click.

1. MadSubmitter :-

2. Free web submission:-

Google uses, unlike blog services to crawl and index new content to its database. For India blog search, for UK blog search.

Double-check that your content is immediately crawled and indexed by all google blog services so that it occurs in search results of every region of the world, please ping your website to below websites.

Note: By pinging your site to these locations, it will not help you to rank higher in search results. It just assures that your content crawled by all blog services and rank according to Google search algorithm.

Free Search engine submission list to buzz your site to search engines:

1. Google Ping:-

2. Pingomatic :-

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