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Search Engine Submission

There are two terms to understand which are essential for Web search before I contribute a search engine submission list.

1. Crawling: 

Search engines use search engine spider to crawl the web. Crawling is a method to stretch to every possible page in the site to bring about visibility in search results. Typically search engine crawls one page then crawl all the linked pages from there. So it is recommended to have updated sitemap of your website.

2. Indexing: 

Once search engine spider crawls the web pages, it contains in its database and index it according to keywords. Let’s say assume you have written an article about “How to make pen drive bootable,” so when google crawls your web page, it indexes it and stores it for keywords like “how to make pen drive bootable,” “bootable pen drive.” 

Usually, search engines crawl and index your site naturally at the interval of specific days. If there is no proper exploration provided, then there is no way for search engines to reach to all of your site’s content.

So it is better to comply your content to search engine submission list to build that it can crawl and index accurately and quickly. Likewise many search engines firms charge many dollars fee for search engine submission which you can do manually using free search engine submission list.

Here is the list of search engine submission sites.

1. Google :-

2. Bing :-

3. Baidu :-

4. Yandex :-

5. Sogou :-

6. Exalead:-

7. InfoTiger :-

8. Gigs Blast :-

9. Official :-

10. ActiveSearchResults :-

11. Anoox :-

12. Amfibi:-

13. Beamed:-

14. Wotbox:-

15. Voila :-

16. UserTown :-

Below search engine, submission sites will aid you to submit your site to multiple search engines using the single click.

1. MadSubmitter :-

2. Free web submission:-

Google uses, unlike blog services to crawl and index new content to its database. For India blog search, for UK blog search.

Double-check that your content is immediately crawled and indexed by all google blog services so that it occurs in search results of every region of the world, please ping your website to below websites.

Note: By pinging your site to these locations, it will not help you to rank higher in search results. It just assures that your content crawled by all blog services and rank according to Google search algorithm.

Free Search engine submission list to buzz your site to search engines:

1. Google Ping:-

2. Pingomatic :-


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