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Wednesday 2 March 2016

/ by KK
If you are considering to boost your paid search performance without working late in the office or increasing your budget, try applying for Ad Extensions. Not only do they require minimal set-up time, but they are also displayed at no additional cost.

It can be hard to decide which extensions to focus on, so I have created a list to help you decide which ones will work best for you:

Google Adwords Extension

*       Sitelink Extensions:

v  Sitelink Extensions allow you to advertise additional landing pages below your standard ad text.
v  Applying a few lines to your ad gives you more realistic on the SERP, assisting your ad to stand out against your competition.
v  Sitelinks also, allow the searcher an opportunity to go to a more precise page on your site.
v  Google has proved that adding sitelinks to your ads boost your click-through rate, even if people aren’t clicking the site link links!

*       Call Extensions:

v  Call Extensions allow you to integrate your phone number in your text ads.
v  It helps to make it easier for customers to contact you directly.
v  Depending on the device, the extensions will be presented differently.
v  On desktops and tablets, your phone number is applied alongside your text, whereas on high-end mobile devices, your ad will contain a “call” button.
v  With the advent of Enhanced Campaigns, Call Extensions have become increasingly refined by allowing you to measure phone call conversions
v  In addition to it also helps to view more extensive call reporting metrics.

*       Location Extensions:

v  It allows you to incorporate your business address and telephone number into your ad.
v  Don’t worry, you don’t have to waste any of your valued ad space!
v  The location extension adds an extra line to your ad & often contains a map reference.
v  You can add multiple addresses by associating your account to Google My Business.
v  On average, ads with location extensions see a 10% boost in click-through rate.

*       App Extensions:

v  App extensions allow you to connect to your mobile or tablet app from your text ads.
v  People Click either on your ad headline/ on a link to your app.
v  This is a great way to cater access to your website as well as to your app.
v  If your primary aim is to drive app downloads, app promotion ads (which connect to apps exclusively) might be the better option.
v  You can add app extensions to accounts, campaigns & ad groups.
v  You can build mobile-optimized app extensions to show on mobile devices or render specific app extensions on the devices that you choose.
v  If you create an extension for each app store, they will show the store link that corresponds to the customer's device, so someone on an iOS device will see your Apple App Store link.
v  Adding app extensions to your ad is free, but any clicks on the app extension will cost the same as clicks on the text ad (a standard CPC).

v  How to set up an app extension?

Before setting up an app extension, make sure that you have all these features:
      The mobile app that's live within Google Play or the Apple App Store
      The Package Name (Android) / App ID (iOS) for your mobile app
      The URL of the page within the app store where users can gain more about the app or Click to install

v  If you have all of the items above, you can add an app extension to the ads in your account, campaign or ad group.

*       Review Extensions:

v  The character limit on Review Extensions is 67 & that includes the name of the publication.
v  A review extension must be an accurate, credible, non-duplicative third-party review of the advertiser's business.
v  Like the rest of your ad text, your review extensions must observe with all Ads policies.
v  Review extensions also are accountable to the additional requirements described here.

*       Callout Extensions:


·         Callout extensions allow you to incorporate additional descriptive text in your standard text ad.
·         The rules that apply to text ads generally apply to callout extensions, too. 


·         The text for each callout must be 25 characters or fewer
·         Your callout text can't involve the following: exclamation marks, punctuation at the beginning of the text, repeated punctuation, or emoticons.
·         They don't allow duplication or repetition of callout text with other callouts, ad text, or sitelink text within the same ad group, campaign or at the account-level.
·         You can't use the keyword insertion feature within your callout text.


·         Callouts must be "family safe."
·         Any callout that contains "non-family" or "adult" content isn't granted.

¤      Callout extensions are similar to sitelinks but without the links.
¤      Google recommends that advertisers use callout extensions to draw attention to unique selling points and important product details and benefits.
¤      You can feature up to 4 callouts in your ad, each limited to 25 characters each & must have at least two callouts for them to display.
¤      The use of extensions improves the performance of your ads (including click-through rate) & gives you an opportunity to stand out with specific messaging in the search results.
¤      Bonus: it doesn’t cost any extra.

*       Structured Snippet Extensions:


·         Structured snippet extensions allow advertisers to describe features of a particular product or describe the range of products or services their business offers.
·         Structured snippets are subject to the same policies that apply to text ads & they must also meet the text, business & content requirements listed below.


·         Each snippet text value for a header must be 25 characters or fewer
·         Snippet text values can't involve exclamation marks, punctuation at the beginning of the text, repeated punctuation or emoticons 


·         Structured snippets must be "family safe."
·         Any structured snippet that contains "non-family" or "adult" content is restricted.


·         Structured snippet values must be relevant and match the selected header.
·         Note that structured snippet values that are not a segment of the set defined by the header will be disapproved.
·         Values must not contain any promotional text and must comply with the guidelines listed for each header below.

*       Automated Extension:

v  Consumer ratings
·         Campaign type - Search Network with Display Select - All features for Mobile/Tablet
·         Campaign type - Search Network only - All features for Desktop
·         Available - US, UK, Canada, Australia

v  Previous visits
·         Campaign type - Search Network with Display Select for Mobile/Tablet
·         Campaign type - Search Network only for Desktop
·         Available – Globally

v  Seller ratings
·         Campaign type - Search Network with Display Select - All features for Mobile/Tablet
·         Campaign type - Search Network only - All features for Desktop
·         Available - US, UK, DE, FR, AU, NZ, JP, and NL

v  Dynamic sitelink extensions
·         Campaign type - Search Network with Display Select - All features for Mobile/Tablet
·         Campaign type - Search Network only - All features for Desktop
·         Available – Globally

v  Dynamic structured snippets
·         Campaign type - Search Network with Display Select - All features for Tablet
·         Campaign type - Search Network only - All features for Desktop
              ·         Available - English (Global)

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