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Saturday 16 May 2015

/ by KK

PPC Metrics

It is critical to quantify the accomplishment of your PPC promotion. To enhance a current PPC promotion further, it is basic to investigate its ROI, conversion rate and the issues caused.

Even if an existing ad is doing well in terms of conversion rate and creating ROI, there is dependably an opportunity to get better. To enhance am ad in the right heading and hoist its ROI, it is important to quantify the accomplishment of the propelled advertisement.

The accompanying metrics can be utilized to affirm the achievement of your ad:

How often your ad was served in contrast to other similar ads in the same ad group.
Average Cost per Click (CPC)
Total Cost/Total number of clicks
The lower, the better.
Average Position
How high in the results page is your ad showing.
1 is the highest.
Bounce Rate
The percentage of visitors who leave to navigate the website after visiting one page.
The higher, the poorer.
The number of times a visitor clicks your ad.
The more, the better.
Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
The percentage of clicks divided by Impressions.
The higher, the better.
The number of times a visitor clicks on the ad and completes an action you defined as a conversion within a specific period of time.
The more, the better.
Impression Share
The percentage of the total number of times your ad could have been shown versus the actual number of times it was shown.
The number of times your ad was displayed on the search results page.
The more, the better.
Quality Score
Relevance of the keyword, ad, and landing page combined, which affects your CPC.
The higher, the better.
(Return – Investment) × 100
The more, the better.

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