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In Google Analytics, you need to get no less than 56/70 questions right for a passing review of 80%. 

Google Analytics

I fizzled in first endeavor, so I began contemplating PDF truly which was provided by Google and afterward begun making my notes for Analytics examination. Despite the fact that it set aside quite a while for me however at last in my second endeavor I passed it with a 86 % 

I don't support tricking. Sharing is CARING ! 

The accompanying are questions I finished amid the exam both the first and second time. 

Note: I have utilized this as a study direct and denoted the answers, in the event that you take a Google Analytics Exam utilizing precisely as the answers as they show up here, you are not thinking from your end then you will fizzle.

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Which of the following would you use to show two date ranges on the same graph?
a.       secondary dimension
b.      pivot table
c.       date comparison
d.      motion chart
e.      plot rows

Which of the following would be most useful for optimizing landing pages?
a.       Unique Visits
b.      Visits
c.       Pageviews
d.      Bounce Rate
e.      Unique Pageview

 When configuring a goal, why is it useful to assign a goal value?
a.       to determine the conversion rate
b.      to calculate ecommerce metrics
c.       to attribute monetary value to non-ecommerce conversions
d.      to determine the popularity of each of your pages

Which of the following would be most useful in measuring how many days passed between the first visit to a site and the eventual conversion?
a.       Assisted/Last Interaction Conversions
b.      Top Conversion Paths
c.       Time Lag
d.      Conversion Value
e.      Path Length 

Which of the following are valid scopes for dimensions?
a.       none of these answers is correct
b.      user level, session level, hit level
c.       session level, hit level
d.      campaign level, session level, hit level
e.      user level, campaign level, session level, hit level

Your business objective is to maximize the number of sales through your website.Which of the following metrics would most directly help you measure performance against this objective?
a.       Pages /Visit
b.      Page Value
c.       Bounce Rate
d.      Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Which of the following metrics would be most useful in measuring how many conversions were initiated by Paid Search?
a.       Assisted Conversion Value
b.      Conversion Rate
c.       First Interaction (Click) Conversions
d.      none of these metrics

Google Analytics can recognize returning users
a.       on websites only
b.      on websites, Android mobile apps
c.       Google Analytics cannot recognize returning users on any device.
d.      on websites, iOS mobile apps, Android mobile apps

A macro conversion
a.       is a large revenue sale that is directly attributable to a display campaign
b.      occurs when over 50% of visitors buy an item
c.       always occurs prior to a micro conversion
d.      occurs when someone completes an action that’s important to your business
e.      is your highest converting campaign

Which of the following AdWords reports would you use to investigate when you should modify your bidding during certain hours of the day to optimize conversions?
a.       AdWords Keywords
b.      Placements
c.       Day Parts
d.      Campaigns
e.      Destination URLs

You want to see conversion rates for Windows visits coming from London.Which of the following dimensions would you need to select?
a.       Goal Conversion Rate, and City as a secondary dimension
b.      Operating System, and City as a secondary dimension
c.       any one of these options
d.      City, and Goal Conversion Rate as a secondary dimension

Using filters, you can     
a.       exclude data from a view
b.      include data in a view
c.       All of these answers apply
d.      change how the data looks in your reports

Which of the following Behavior metrics shows the number of sessions that included a view of a page?
a.       Unique Pageviews
b.      Pageviews
c.       Unique Visits
d.      Visits
e.      Bounce rate 

A visitor comes to your site but stops looking at pages and generating events.Which of the following will occur by default?
a.       The visitor’ssession expires after 5 minutes of inactivity
b.      The visitor’ssession expires after 30 minutes of inactivity
c.       The visitor’ssession expires once the visitor has exited your site
d.      Google Analytics does not keep track of sessions by default

 Which of the following suggests a poorly performing landing page?
a.       Bounce Rate> 90%
b.      Bounce Rate< 90%
c.       None of these answers
d.      %NewVisits< 90%
e.      %NewVisits> 90%

Which of the following are tracked by the Site Speed reports?
a.       how quickly images load
b.      button click response time
c.       page-load time for a sample of pageviews on your site
d.      All of these are tracked by the Site Speed reports.
e.      how quickly the browser parses a page and makes it available for user interaction

For each user who comes to your site,Google Analytics automatically captures which of the following Traffic Source dimensions?
a.       Source and Medium
b.      Campaign and Medium
c.       Source, Medium, Campaign, and Ad Content
d.      Campaign and Ad Content

Which of the following are examples of Sources?
b.      Search
c.       Email
d.      All of these are Sources.
e.      Display

If a paid keyword has an Assisted/ LastClick or Direct Conversions value of .5,which of the following is true?
a.       The keyword played an assist role inexactly one conversion
b.      The keyword played an assist role less often than it played a last click role
c.       The keyword played an assist role in exactly five conversions
d.      none of these answers

Which of the following would be valid segments to consider when looking at data?
a.       traffic by device
b.      traffic by time of day
c.       traffic by geography
d.      traffic by marketing channel
e.      All of these answers are correct.

You are interested in identifying the most popular content on your site. Which of the following sections will have this report information by default?
a.       Conversion
b.      Search
c.       Behavior
d.      Acquisition
e.      Audience

Which of the following would help you to determine the conversion value of a paid keyword?
a.       CTR
b.      none of these answers
c.       Real-Time
d.      Multi-Channel Funnels
e.      CPM 

Which of the following are true about segmentation?
a.       Segmentation can help you find the underlying causes of changes to your aggregate data.
b.      Segmentation allows you to isolate and analyze subsets of your data.
c.       Segmentation is a technique that should only be used by experienced analysts.
d.      Segmentation should generally not be used without Real-Time reporting.
e.      More than one of these answers is true.

 Which of the following are examples of Mediums?
a.       All of these are Mediums.
b.      Email
c.       Conversion
d.      Google

You’ve noticed that many users visit your site several times before converting and you want to understand in more detail how they arrive at your site.Which of the following metrics would be most helpful in showing you whether a keyword is part of a conversion path?
a.       Assisted Conversions
b.      Bounce Rate
c.       Impressions
d.      Visits
e.      Clicks

You can combine a metric X with a dimension Y in Google Analytics
a.       as long as sampling is not required
b.      if X and Y are in the same channel grouping
c.       if X and Y have been precalculated together in an aggregatetable
d.      if X and Y have the same campaign
e.      if X and Y have the same scope 

Which of the following represents a macro conversion for an ecommerce site?
a.       collecting a lead
b.      a completed sales transaction
c.       All of these are macro conversions for an ecommerce site.
d.      receiving a product inquiry
e.      a click on a “buy” button

You want to evaluate the landing pages you are using for AdWords ads.Which of the following dimensions would be most useful?
a.       Destination URL
b.      Placements
c.       Keyword
d.      Campaign
e.      Ad Group

Which two metrics below would be the best KPIs for measuring the performance of an ecommerce business?
a.       bounce rate and average session duration
b.      pageviews and revenue
c.       revenue and average order value
d.      pageviews and bounce rate

Which of the following are “hit” types tracked by Google Analytics?
a.       transactions
b.      all of these answers are correct
c.       pageviews
d.      events

You should add Analytics tracking code to your site         
a.       before documenting your business objectives
b.      during measurement planning
c.       after implementation planning
d.      when it’s convenient for your IT team

Your Multi-Channel Funnel reports have no data.What is the most likely reason?
a.       You haven’t set up Goal Funnels
b.      You haven’t implemented Goals or Ecommerce
c.       You haven’t enabled demographic data
d.      Youare not using Google Tag Manager
e.      Youare not using Content Experiments

Which campaign tracking variables are required in order to ensure accurate data shows for your campaigns in the“All Traffic”report?
a.       utm_content
b.      utm_medium, utm_campaign
c.       utm_source, utm_term, utm_content
d.      utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium
e.      utm_term

You need to immediately find out whether people are viewing then we content that you just added today.Which of the following would be most useful?
a.       Intelligence
b.      Annotations
c.       Real-Time
d.      secondary dimensions

Which of the following are dimensions?
a.       %New Sessions
b.      Region
c.       Bounce rate
d.      Conversion Rate

Setting up goals allows you to see            .
a.       conversion rates
b.      bounce rate
c.       ecommerce revenue
d.      a list of  transactions

What is the hierarchy of the Google Analytics data model?
a.       Interactions >Users> Sessions
b.      Sessions >Users> Interactions
c.       Sessions >Visitors> Interactions
d.      Users> Sessions > Interactions

The demographics and interest category information in Google Analytics comes from
a.       the AdWords first-party cookie
b.      the DoubleClick third-party cookie
c.       Google Tag Manager
d.      information that you upload from your CRM
e.      survey data filled out by users

Which of the following is a valid tagged custom campaign?
b.      All of these are valid.

Which of  the following attribution models would be useful for evaluating ads and campaigns that are designed to create initial awareness about a brand?
a.       Linear model
b.      Last Non-Direct Click model
c.       First Interaction model
d.      Last Interaction model 

Which of the following Channels is part of the Default Channel Grouping?
a.       Direct
b.      Organic
c.       Social
d.      Display
e.      All of these are part of the Default Channel Grouping.

Which of the following would you use to set up a custom alert?
a.       Intelligence
b.      Real-Time
c.       Content
d.      Conversions

Which of the following reporting dimensions would be useful to reference if  you were building a website?
a.       All of these dimensions
b.      Browser
c.       Screen Colors
d.      Language
e.      None of these dimensions

What is the purpose of the URL builder?
a.       to generate a URL with tracking parameters
b.      using the URL builder is required in order to track AdWords visits
c.       to optimize landing pages
d.      to generate the URL tracking parameters that need to be appended to an organic search result

Your web property is “”. You set up a URL goal of “/thank you” and a Match Type of “Begins with”. Which of the following URLs will count as goals?
d.      All of these would count as goals.

Which of the following most accurately describes the concept of attribution in digital analytics?
a.       calculating ROI
b.      calculating cost per click
c.       determining a traffic source
d.      determining a user's device
e.      assigning credit for conversions

Which are the four main parts of the Google Analytics platform?
a.       Collection, Processing, Continuation, and Reporting
b.      Collection, Configuration, Processing, and Reporting
c.       Configuration, Collection, Progressing, and Reporting
d.      Configuration, Processing, Reporting, and Recollection

You can adjust sample size in Google Analytics by
a.       adding a segment to your report
b.      adjusting a control in the reporting interface
c.       any of these actions will adjust the sample size
d.      adjusting the session timeout control

Which of the following technologies on your site influence how you implement Analytics?
a.       query string parameters
b.      responsive web design
c.       server redirects
d.      All of these answers are correct.
e.      Flash and AJAX events 

The URL for the homepage of your site is You would like this to appear as “/home” in your Pages report. How can this be achieved?
a.       Use a Search and Replace custom filter on the Request URI field where Search String is "/index" and Replace String is "/home"
b.      Use a Search and Replace custom filter on the Request URI field where Search String is"" and Replace String is ""

Which of the following would you use to send data from a website to Google Analytics?
a.       none of these would be appropriate
b.      JavaScript tracking code
c.       Campaign Tracking parameter
d.      Google Analytics mobile SDK

It’s important to have a clear measurement strategy to guide your implementation strategy and your data analysis. Which of the following business objectives would be most relevant for content publishers?
a.       encourage engagement and frequent visitation
b.      collecting user information for sales teams to connect with potential leads
c.       selling products or services
d.      all these options are equally relevant as business objectives for content publishers

Specifying a goal value allows Google Analytics to calculate .
a.       Average Order Value
b.      Ecommerce Revenue
c.       Revenue per Click
d.      Bounce Rate

You have defined goal X such that any PDF download qualifies as a goal conversion. A user comes to your site once and downloads five PDFs. How many goal conversions will be recorded?
a.       1
b.      5
c.       zero
d.      2

Your ecommerce site sells colorful wrist watches that visitors can customize using a tool online. Which of the following represent a micro conversion for your site?
a.       an online sale
b.      All of these are micro conversions for this site.
c.       a view of the home page
d.      an offline sale
e.      use of the “customize your watch” tool

Which of the following metrics shows the number of times your ads were displayed?
a.       CTR
b.      Clicks
c.       Page views
d.      Impressions
e.      Visits

 You are interested in exploring metrics by campaign and traffic source. Which of the following sections will have this report information by default?
a.       Admin
b.      Behavior
c.       Conversion
d.      Acquisition
e.      Audience

Person A and person B each visit your commerce site once. During her visit, person A buys one of your products. Then, before leaving the site, she makes another purchase. Person B buys nothing. What is your ecommerce conversion rate for these two visits?
a.       0
b.      2
c.       0.33
d.      0.5
e.      1

Which of the following could be measured by defining a goal in Google Analytics?
a.       the percentage of visits that result in a site registration
b.      the percentage of visits during which visitors spent at least two minutes on the site
c.       the percentage of visits that contain only one page view
d.      All of these could be measured by defining a goal in Google Analytics conversion rate

Which of the following are possible uses of filters?
a.       report on only a sub domain or directory
b.      replace complicated page URLs with readable text strings
c.       exclude visits from a particular IP address
d.      all of these are possible uses of filters
e.      include only traffic coming from a particular campaign

Which of the following would most quickly allow you to determine whether the Google Analytics code snippet is working on a specific website page?
a.       Real-Time
b.      Analytics Intelligence
c.       Annotations
d.      secondary dimensions

Which of the following reports allows you to identify the terms visitors use to conduct searches within your site?
a.       Affinity Categories
b.      Site Search report
c.       Keyword report
d.      Search Engine Optimization report

Which of the following are advantages of implementing Google Tag Manager?
a.       You can add Google Analytics tags to your site without editing site code
b.      All of these answers are correct.
c.       You can change configuration values in your mobile app without rebuilding a new binary
d.      You can add AdWords tags to your site without editing site code
e.      You can add non-Google tags to your site without editing site code

Which of the following should you NOT collect with the Google Analytics ecommerce JavaScript?
a.       tax amount
b.      purchase amount
c.       product SKU(s)
d.      credit card number
e.      billing city

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