7 Ways to Improve Your Google Ad Template!

Are you stuck with your Google Ad template? Here, we have the best 7 ways to improve your Google Ad Template with peppy headlines.

Tuesday 23 June 2020

/ by KK
Google Ad Headlines

Like many people, you would probably be aware of Google Ads headlines.


Just 30 characters required, but it’s the most difficult 30 characters you’ll ever draft.


It is necessary to know what matters, which is why it can be remarkably difficult to come up with a powerful headline.


The good news is that after you’ve had some practice with writing them, they can be quite easy. It’s literally just identifying what types of headlines work best, and then securing your product or service into it.


Let's gear up by writing some strong headlines for Google ads.



#1: The Question

Example: “Looking for ________?”

It is always great to draw someone's attention with questions that they are looking for on Google. Many individuals feel satisfied when you trigger them with a question related to what they are searching for.


#2: Numbers

Example: “________ Ways to ________”

Place a number in the first section. It should be a remarkable one that will attract most people. The second section should be what your product or service commits. For example, if you sell a product that reduces people's stress, your headline possibly “6 Ways to Reduce Stress.”


#3: Location

Example: “__________ in __________” or “_________ _________”

This covers "WHAT ARE YOU?" and "WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?". Place your professional title followed by a location in the first part such as "Lawyer in Toronto." The second part sets the location followed by a professional title, therefore "Toronto Lawyer".


Though look simple to work, that’s the plot. Google Ads headlines demand to be easy. You have a blink of an eye to snatch the attention of online searchers, and showing them you are what they are seeking is the best way to do it.


#4: Buzzwords

Example: “Get __________ w/ Free Shipping”

Well, this one is quite focused on product-based companies. The buzzwords are get, shipping, and free. These words, along with your, save, online, and you seem to lead to more clicks.

#5: Offer

Example: “Save 20% On Our ________”

Many people love a great deal, particularly those willing to make a purchase. An offer headline catches people’s attention because as they state, “Money talks.”

#6: Leverage FOMO: Use the Countdown Timer

Example: “Winter Boots Sale – Flat 25% Off, Only 2 hours left”

FOMO—fear of missing out—may have only begun the marketing dictionary in 2013, but the trick is much more traditional.


Paid search marketers can draw into FOMO by creating a sense of urgency or scarcity, usually through limited-time offers or showcasing peer-group buyers.


The Google Ads countdown timer really counts down the days or hours until the end of a special offer. This way your ad has a better chance of knocking out your contenders’. A countdown builds an immediate threat of loss, drawing into psychological beliefs to boost clicks.


#7: Mix and Match

This one is more of art instead of just filling in the blanks. Depending on what your main keyword is, you will have between 20 characters and 5 characters to use once you have entered your main keyword.


Certainly, if you only have 5 characters left, your choices will be limited. The following list is to get your creative thoughts rolling and come up with the best achievable headlines:

Mix & Match Keywords


Effective headlines are ones that get your target audience clicking through to your landing page. You never know which ones will be the most dominant till you make then live. It is better to do some A/B testing to detect which ones give the best results. Once you know which one gets the most clicks, you’ll be ready to modify those a little to see if it enhances click-through rates even further.

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