5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is still Alive!

Email Marketing

Email marketing and newsletters have experienced a triumphant resurgence in the past few years. Email is often an organized counterpoint to the endless, uncurated streams of information found elsewhere online.

Every few years a new platform or technology arrives which threatens to kill email but each time email prevails.

Here are five reasons email and email marketing continue to reign:

1. Almost Everyone Uses Email

Email dominates the digital economy. It remains the go-to messaging platform for nearly everything, from Amazon to the IRS. In fact, according to Hubspot, 91% of consumers use email. In the B2B space, email is particularly high, 73% of businesses use it as their primary form of communication.

Regardless of which industry or space you are in, the overwhelming majority of your customers rely upon email.

2. Email Engagement Remains Strong

Being the dominant digital messaging platform for 40 years is self-reinforcing; we treat our email as authoritative because it has been like that. This state of mind means that we are much more likely to act upon our emails when compared to other forms of digital marketing or advertising. Email marketing remains high because most people pay close attention to their email, and thus act upon it more often.

3. Email Marketing is Affordable

In the last 4-5 years, email marketing services have become both efficient and affordable. The popular platform MailChimp comes standard with all sorts of smart functionality like automation as well as robust analytics. This feature was once the domain of elite and expensive enterprise email platforms, and now it is available for as little as $10 a month. MailChimp also has a limited plan that 's free.

The lower price point available on email marketing platforms makes it an approachable way for startups and small businesses alike to create a robust marketing strategy while operating on a minimal budget.

Long story short, email marketing is a channel which done for a minimum price.

4. Email Marketing Provides Valuable Analytics

Email marketing creates a feedback loop with your customers. After deploying the campaign, its efficacy quickly determined via analytics. Run enough campaigns, and you can narrow down the factors that influence an email’s resonance with your subscribers. Open rates, click through rates and other KPIs usually take the temperature of your audience.

This feedback curve can be extremely valuable, providing you with a constant stream of actionable business information. This information keeps your business customer-centric and forward-looking.

5. It is Quick

More than 50% of emails open on mobile devices, often within minutes of receiving them which means email marketing has a prompt and direct line to customers. Use this wisely, and your business can forge a strong and immediate connection with their clients.


The reason why email marketing is alive and well is that it remains useful, cheap, quick and insightful. An email marketing program almost always helps to evolve businesses and forge a deeper connection with an audience. Email marketing will remain an essential piece of digital marketing for a long time to come.


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