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Saturday 22 August 2015

/ by KK
Email Marketing Tools

1. Mailchimp (Create, send and evaluate campaigns for free – 2000 subscribers)

2. (Identify if the email engine is set well for performance & verify your domain reputation score – Free tool)

3. Mxtool (Are you on the blacklist? – find out – free tool) and more

4. Who’s your registrar – not sure? find vital details related to your domain – Free Tool

5. SPF incomplete – Is it? Then use the following link and complete it. – Free Tool

6. Having trouble forming a headline? Quickly create catchy headlines for your blog or emails. – Free Tool

7. Subject-Line Test – Free Tool

8. Pre-header visibility & Email Compatibility Check – 7 days free – Free

9. What are others mailing?- sneak peek into others email template, content & analytics. – 30 days free – Premium tool and expensive

10. Which test won? A/B Tested HTML templates from various brands

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