What Is A Landing Page?

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Wednesday 13 May 2015

/ by KK

Landing Page

Suppose you make an excellent and snappy PPC commercial with a powerful Call-To-Action and don't connect a suitable landing page to it, then all your efforts will go futile. 

It can be extremely irritating and baffling for a prospect when he taps on an incredible watching advertisement and figures out that the landing page is unessential to the ad. Poor landing page administration is a misuse of cash. 

Utilization of landing pages in the PPC advertisements serves to: 

·         Build change 

·         Lessen Cost-Per-Click (CPC) 

·         Lessen bounce rate

 Types of Landing Pages 

Click Through - This is the most fundamental type. It has general data about an item, why you ought to purchase the item, when it will be accessible and so on. It gives a catch to take the guest to the page where the thing can be acquired. 

Viral - This sort of landing page tries to connect with a vast gathering of individuals. It is loaded with social sharing buttons and catchy content. 

Lead Capture - There is no way out course regarding the matter of a lead catch landing page. Such pages accumulate client information to send email promoting battles, interface with social networking, call with extraordinary offers, and so forth. 

Mobile - It gives absolute minimum substance eye-satisfying appearance. 

Homepage - Sometimes associations simply connect to the landing page, which is not a decent move. The landing page is liable to offer distinctive alternatives and decisions, when actually the guest is keen on a particular connection to get something particular.

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