A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

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Wednesday 27 May 2015

/ by KK
Google Analytics is a tool that helps you stay informed concerning your User Activity. This incorporates what number of clients entered your site in a particular time-span, where those clients originated from, which pages they visited and so on. It has even extended to how well your site's rate is doing and the amount of social signal your site has collected.

GA Overview

To put it plainly, Google Analytics is about genuine information in your site. Information that you can interpret into helpful business knowledge and SEO strategy for your online battles.

 Basic Steps

Go to Google Analytics and make an account – or if you already have a gmail account, you can utilize that

To begin utilizing Google Analytics to track your site's information, take after these strides: 

1)  New Account - This is the place you will put the majority of the sites of one particular account.

New Account

2) Select your Tracking Options- This is practically an easy decision. Obviously, for this exercise, we're tracking a Web Site.

Data Sharing Options

3) It's certainly up to you in the event that you need to impart your information to                 Google. Verify that you change your Account name to your customer's account.

4) Get your Tracking code by replicating it. It will resemble this:

Tracking Code

As the guideline said, replicate it and paste it into the code of each page you need to track. It's typically good to paste it in the header code of the subject. 

What's more, voila! Let a couple of days go by and you'll get some information you can use in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Understanding the Data 

Google Analytics can get dubious, technical and confounding in the event that you let it. How about we keep things straightforward. Fundamentally in case you're a man who simply needs to comprehend what your clients are doing in your site, introducing the following code is everything you need. Just when you've introduced the following code accurately will it have the capacity to accumulate your client's information. When it has accumulated information, it can reveal to you the information when you visit your Google Analytics account once more. You all need to know the basic terminology used in GA.

Visits are the number of times a client went in your site to glance around


Unique Visitors are the number of individuals who went in your site for that particular time span. The difference between unique visitors and visits is that any visit from a particular IP location would augment the Unique Visitors exclude just once while going of the site and backpedaling in again would increase the Visits depend on the same number of times as the client goes back and in on that day.

Unique Visitors

Pageviews are the number of pages a visitor has taken a gander at for the duration of time of his stay (for that day) in your site. 


Pages/ Visit is just Pageviews divided by Visits.

Pages/ Visit

Average Visit Duration is the Average time spent by your clients in your site.

Average Visit Duration

Bounce Rate is the percentage of your clients going into your site and 'bouncing out'. Bouncing out can be characterized as any activity the client does that takes him out of your site in a particular time span. This time span is not yet precisely known – it can be a 5 min timeline or a 10 min time period or maybe it relies on upon the kind of site (website, educational,E-commerce and so forth.). For instance: the client hitting the "back" button  following 10 seconds in light of the fact that she doesn't discover what she's searching for – that is viewed as a Bounce.

Bounce Rate

% New Visits is essentially the percent of the individuals who have gone by your site interestingly amid a picked particular time period versus the number of individuals who have officially gone to your site past to that time period.

 New Visits

These are only the rudiments. It gets more profound and more profound than this. There’s data manipulation, goal setting, filtering and lots more.

 I would highly recommend you to Set up Google Analytics for your site today. Try not to postpone – you'll be astounded how you can utilize the information for your site's SEO and business improvement efforts.

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