Why We Love Optimized Meta Tag (And You Should, Too!)

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Sunday 26 April 2015

/ by KK

There are two vital meta tags:

1.) Meta description tags

2.) Meta keyword tags

Meta tags

Some search engines could show the meta description as a locality of the search results, however the meta keyword tags shouldn't seem in search results.

The general agreement among SEO specialists is that meta tags are dead. Even so, several of those same specialists still use meta tags in their own sites.

For Google, adding the outline meta tag doesn't lead to a lift within the computer program Results Pages (SERPs), however the outline could be used for the outline for your SERP listings in Google.

Yahoo! says, they use the Keyword Meta Tag once it ranks a page. Therefore, it is sensible to feature one for Yahoo! and the other minor search engines that also use.

What do the Meta tags Look Like?

You can add the subsequent within the head section of the net page:

<meta name="keywords" 
         content="KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 KEYPHRASE1 etc. 
         about 30 to 40 unique words">

<meta name="description" 
         content="An accurate, keyword-rich description 
         about 150 characters">

Meta Description Tag Tips

Important tips permanently Meta description tags:
  • Use keywords in your meta description tag.
  • Try to not repeat the words too typically, however try and use multiple syntaxes of your key words.
  • There shouldn't be over a hundred and fifty characters during a description meta tag of one online page.
  • Use a unique meta description tag for every page, as every page is totally different and stands an improved probability of being found if you place an honest title and outline thereon.

Meta Keywords Tag Tips

Please sit down with the previous chapter for characteristic sensible keywords. Use the subsequent tips for making ready sensible meta keywords tags.
  • Use synonyms.
  • Use distinctive keywords.
  • No got to repeat any given phrase.
  • You can repeat a word any variety of your time, as long as on every occasion it's a part of a unique phrase.

Robots Meta Tag

The vital meta tag that you simply may have someday is that the Robots Meta tag that seems like this:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

Using the higher than meta tag, you'll tell a spider or an automaton that you simply don't need a number of your pages indexed, or that you simply don't need your links followed.

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