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Wednesday 22 April 2015

/ by KK
SEO techniques are generally classified into 2 broad categories:

White Hat SEO - The techniques that search engines advocate as a part of a decent style.

Black Hat SEO - The techniques that search engines don't approve and conceive to minimize the result of. These techniques are also known as spamdexing.

White & Black SEO

White Hat SEO

An SEO plan of action is taken into account as White Hat if it's the subsequent features:

It admits to the search engine's pointers.

It doesn't involve in any deception.

It ensures that content a search engine indexes, and after ranks, is that the same content a user can see.

It ensures that an internet page content ought to are created for the users and not only for the search engines.

It ensures smart quality of the net pages.

It ensures handiness of helpful content on the net pages.

Always follow a White Hat SEO plan of action and don't try and fool your web site guests. Be honest and you'll undoubtedly get one thing additional.

Black Hat or Spamdexing

An SEO plan of action, is taken into account as Black Hat or Spamdexing if it's the subsequent features:

Attempting ranking enhancements that are disapproved by the search engines and/or involve deception.

Redirecting users from a page that's designed for search engines to 1 that's additional human friendly.

Redirecting users to a page that was completely different from the page the programme hierarchical .

Serving one version of a page to look engine spiders/bots and another version to human guests. This is often referred to as Cloaking SEO plan of action.

Using hidden text or with the page background color, employing a little font size or activity them among the hypertext markup language code like "no frame" sections.

Repeating keywords within the metatags, and victimization keywords that square measure unrelated to the web site content. This is often referred to as Metatag stuffing.

Calculated placement of keywords among a page to boost the keyword count, variety, and density of the page. This is often referred to as Keyword Stuffing.

Creating low-quality websites that contain little or no content however square measure instead full of terribly similar keywords and phrases. These pages are referred to as entry or entrance Pages.

Mirror websites by hosting multiple websites - all with conceptually similar content however victimization completely different URLs.

Creating a rogue copy of a preferred web site that shows contents almost like the initial to an internet crawler, however redirects net surfers to unrelated or malicious websites. This is called as page hijacking.

Always stand back from any of the on top of Black Hat techniques to enhance the rank of your web site. Search engines are generally sensible enough to spot all the on top of properties of your web site and ultimately you're not reaching to get something.

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